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    Dr. Pflug

    We specialize exclusively in the chemical industry in China, providing

    - Strategy Development
    - Market Information
    - M&A Target Search
    - Trainings/Workshops
    - R&D Optimization

    Our clients profit from our in-depth knowledge. 

    For more information contact Dr. Pflug:

    Management Consulting – Chemicals Ltd.
    M: Dr. Pflug
    +86 136 8187 3992
    Email: kai.pflug@mc-chemicals.com

    LinkedIn Profile

    CV of Dr. Pflug


    Kai Pflug is the CEO of Management Consulting - Chemicals Ltd. Based in Shanghai for the last 15 years, he offers independent management consulting to the chemical industry. He has 20 years experience in management consulting for the chemical industry (Arthur D. Little, MCC and others) as well as 5 years work experience in chemical research and marketing. His work is based on his education as a chemist (Ph.D.) and economist (Master).

    His professional experience includes strategy/organization of chemical companies, market surveys and evaluation of companies and technologies. He is also experienced in leading operative projects in areas such as research, governmental affairs and HR. 


    Since 2009
    2004 - 2009
    2000 - 2003
    1996 - 2000 

    Management Consulting - Chemicals Ltd.: CEO
    Contrium/Stratley, Shanghai: Project Manager / Chief Representative
    Arthur D. Little, Düsseldorf: Consultant, Chemicals Practice
    Dentsply, Konstanz: Senior Research Chemist,  Deputy Head R&D 


    Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Hamburg, Germany, 1994
    Post doctorate studies in Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1995
    Master in Economics, Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany, 2001




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